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Research scientists the world over have to publish their findings and that almost always means writing in English. If you are in the research world and your native language is not English, that challenge is really tough. You know the special vocabulary of your field, but putting it together into a well presented, well argued manuscript is a real headache. It’s like building a house where you have the bricks but do not know enough about what makes up the cement or how to use it. All very frustrating!

Scientific writing manuals do exist, of course. The problem is that they are ordered the way language experts would like: not the way scientists would like them to be ordered in terms of what words and phrases actually do. Nor is the information drag-and-droppable on your computer.

All this means that you have to rely on others to help you write: native-speaking colleagues, professional editing services, etc. Wouldn’t it be good if you had more influence on the process, more control?

TYOS (Type Your Own Script) gives it to you. TYOS has been designed and developed by a team of language and software experts who have over 20 years experience in working with French scientists and developing teaching packages. TYOS gives you the sort of help you need to get your manuscript moving towards the accepted-for-publication stage, i.e. just before the final cleaning-up is done by the journal’s editors. TYOS is original because you work on a draft version of a manuscript that contains typical structural, grammatical and stylistic errors that you might otherwise make yourself. TYOS then shows you what’s wrong so that you can drag and drop what’s right! Other text types are there too such as case reports and letters.

TYOS can also be used online in scientific writing classes for masters students and above.

Try TYOS and let us know what you think. TYOS will improve if we get your feedback.

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